Is this you? 

You feel like you're getting the life force choked out of you, your light is getting dimmed, you're a shell of yourself almost feeling like a zombie. 

You can’t keep going like this and you can’t accept it.

You're fighting different ancestral patterns, feeling shoved down with beliefs that aren’t yours and there are untruths of the way things are supposed to be versus what you do see. 

You feel embodied in your purpose and mission but around you, support is lacking. 

Everything has been falling away over the last few years, and you HAVE to do this, it’s a calling, and you feel your guides pulling you. You need to be free and you need your freedom, to become a whole being and shine your light and help yourself and others shine. 

It's time. 

No more hiding. No more dumbing it down or being what everybody else wants. It doesn’t make ANYbody happy. It's time to learn to live through your triggers in a way that feels resonant and aligned with your spiritual truths. 

In stripping away these self doubts, programs, and tangled energetic vibrations, you liberate your soul and very being and you honor the divine vessel that you are

When you’ve relieved yourself of the worries that aren’t yours truthfully, you create an experience that reflects what you feel and see in your heart. 

You need a guide because you’re living real life and you’re just too busy, the energies can drag you down, cosmic changes force us to relieve old stories and it can really become something magical with guidance, rather than getting beat up, stuck or repeating the same painful and exasperating cycles. 

Visionary leaders know when they need to expand and open up to guidance for expansion, and I have done and continue to do so repeatedly. 

I'm here to guide with light, love, laughter, creativity, honesty, strength, divine love and courage.

There is no-one like you. 

You are a divine, magical, loving, powerhouse and everything you need is RIGHT INSIDE of you. 

The thing is life experience, social training, and ancestral patterns of belief can layer upon us over time, leaving us tired, unfocused, sad, angry, fearful and anxious.  

There is NO REASON to stay stuck in any moment of resistance to your most vibrant, juicy, delightful and fantastic dreams. Vision comes from allowing yourself the time, love, and focus to BE in and of yourself without the resistance. 

THIS is what we do together with the Valtopia Portrait Experience. 

This portrait is a TRANSFORMATION that ends in an activation of YOUR VISION we shape together. The portrait embodies all the new energies you are and have become and holds you to your highest intentions, forever healing and activating you to your dreams.

Each session is unique to the client. I am in tuned and we use all different modalities and inspiration to achieve connection, understanding, knowing and the release of the resistance and activation of your inner guidance and highest intentions. That is transformation that leads to your magic Vision. 

With vision, you know your purpose, your direction, and you can flow and create with joy and delight. That is my intention for each and every portrait. That as we evolve through the experience, we let go of the past, and live in the now, creating from our most authentic, divine self.) 

Final delivery includes sharing of portrait on Zoom. 

The digital portrait is a tangible and iconic result that is so powerfully transformative. To see the colors and vision, your higher self guides me to channel to you is just MAGIC!! 

This is a FRESH new offering and experience, and will open up your capacity to receive and shine. 

Scheduling for each client will be organized in the order of received booking. I focus deeply on each client and will create the proper balance of energy for our best results. 

Love you! 


What's Included?

There are 3 stages to the process: 

Release | Integrate | Activate


weeks 1 - 4 (zoom call) 


 week 5 - 8 (remote - channeled energy drawing) 


week 9 - 11 Activation session (zoom call) 

week 12 - Activation session (portrait delivery!)