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What EPIC PIVOT will you allow in four months?

This work allows you to channel through so much more of your amazing energy in a way that is grounded, centered, and so resonantly powerful and creative,  

  you can’t help but transform everything in your wake,  

just from your very presence of being. You will learn not only to recognize more deeply than ever your own patterns and ways of being that are NOT supporting your alignment and evolution,  

 You will feel more connected to your own most vibrant energy as you learn to tune into and bring through your genius and brilliance.

valtopia in Bali

I help you remember who you are .

You’re calling in: Dynamic Flow Vitality Passion Zest for life Magnetism Connection Impact and illumination Confidence and certainty COMMITTED AF Decisive Clear Compassionate RICH AF FOCUS and determination and results Bliss Love Sensuality Abundance in every area of your life 

You may have done a lot of therapy and spiritual work and you’re still find that parts of you aren’t integrating into all of you . .  

you feel like you’re blocked from certain aspects for your own inspiration and connection to self. . 

This work allows you to regenerate your brain, activate and reconstruct your DNA, illuminate cellular regeneration that will allow you to shift your perspectives,  

beliefs and LIFE to a place that is aligned and magical for YOU,  

and these are skills  

you will take with you  


Not the version of you you’ve been settling for that isn’t truly fulfilling you.  


You’re ready to sing and dance and create to call in and EMBODY!  

Take more inspired action than ever  

Learn to recognize the synergies and signs  

No longer feel blocked to your own best inspiration  

Unlock your sense of infinite creation  

Find your own voice  

Your own TRUSTED and connected wisdom  

That will guide you for the rest of your life!!  

This isn’t just a temporary clearing or “energy work”  

This is about choosing to shift your very being  

every day a little bit or a lot  

And then allowing that shift to stay and stay and become and become  

And to have those tools of rebirth and reboot every moment and to share that with people around you  

And to share an expansive wave of life where everyone knows they are super empowered and their sensitivities  

are their gift and blessing!  


Shift tremendously in the next four months in an EPIC WAY!  

Let us begin today!  

You can come and join me in person or meet with me virtually  

- the work is the work virtualy or in person!

Surrender is about TRUST  

These have been the hardest lessons for me to learn and have pushed away my receiving and embodying deeper levels of me and  


this is what I want to share in an intimate container  

with only a select few of you,  

at a deep and expansive level.  


Epic Powerhouse Inner Circle  


What is included in the Inner Circle Membership:

  • Monthly virtual LIVE HOT SEATS
  • Access to all in person luxury events and retreats (travel/hotel not included) IN PERSON INTENSIVES
  • one on one txt and voice access to Val on voxer - PRICELESS support for learning new habits!! 
  •  one on one access in 20 minute session as needed
  • Access to all online Valtopia content PACKED with streams and major GROWTH, healing and activating energy, mindset shifts, and developing your own techniques of alchemy and power transformation in any area of life
  • One of a kind cosmic and ENERGETIC support throughout membership that brings you to your own life changing self support


  • Reboot and become the master of your wellbeing
  • Check in with yourself and face what you side step  
  • Stay grounded into your best flow  
  • BOOST your energy to what is high and resonant for you  
  • Allow yourself to relax and open up to creativity  
  • Discover, integrate and implement more of your natural gifts  
  • Bonus events that will blow your mind (literally rewiring your brain),  
  • Reprogram your DNA,  
  • speak and live your truth!
  • (align and balance your energy centers, open your heart and clear free your throat chakra)
  • REST and regenerate your cels,  
  • Reset your mind, body and soul and program yourself to upgrade to your highest SOUL led being.  

Client Love

 "Abundance everywhere!!"  

"Since I've had my portrait activated by you, I've been non-stop busy!! Abundance everywhere!!  

I've been open to receive, and this is what has manifested. A new city with a huge apt to live, 2 high-end soul clients, a grant to finish my psychology degree and much more. Hey everyone! If you are on the fence about doing this~this is your sign." - Tami Vandrie

"Just potent divine power."  

"A massive deep bow to the artist and visionary healer Val Cripps for embodying my fierce LOVE and Priestess Power. I love your work and the divine artwork you created for me. WOW - what fun. Val is such a potent force for gloriousness.  

Just potent divine power." 

  - Ingrid Arna  

"My divine portrait from Val literally took my breath away!"

"After I received my portrait, 2 clients signed up the next day to mentor with me. "


The energy that came through has allowed me to step into my roles as metaphysical teacher and divine frequency channel in a much bigger way! Val Cripps has beautiful loving energy and her work has supercharged healing that will rock you right into divine alignment with your Soul!" 

- Jennifer Church  

If you don’t sign up now,  

you will miss this chance to spin in the vortex of sexy hawt magnetic abundance and flow of our Valtopiasphere Powerhouse Inner circle, you’ll miss the decisive impact of choosing for yourself the turning point 

when you went from star to supernova, rocker to rockstar, internet celebrity to FAMOUS - your time begins as soon as you and I co-create this container of POWERHOUSE together. I am fully trusting in our divine higher presence to stream through the most activating and life transformational streams, however it is meant to come through and of us.  

Do not miss this opportunity to excavate , release and activate in a way no-one else will guide you. These retreats and experiences will be one of a kind, divinely guided, in tune with cosmic events, designed to assist you in maximizing your own extra sensory gifts, natural divine prosperity and to not only be so fucking inspired you can’t NOT get to your true purpose work, but to learn how to tackle and triumph through all the scary and doubtful moments you fall down, doubt yourself and wonder wtf you’re even doing with your life.  

Following your dreams and flow involves fighting for your own vision, mainly with yourself. 

Every day we find more cosmic, expanded, infinite, EPIC ways to choose our moments. I choose BOSS cosmic badass fiery feisty full on fucking fantastic Rich hot badasses of the COSMOS to join us here in the Valtopiasphere.  

Allow yourself to experiment and have a brilliant mirror to reflect back your most illuminating, easy for you, genius for others, lit up and inspired self.  

I won’t let you through any of my experiences without truly BEING with yourself in a way you’ve never seen or known, and that alone, shifts so much within, expansion happens every time. I am not attached to your results, as these choices are YOURS to make, and the sooner we can begin playing together we can begin completely expanding into levels of you that you’ve ALWAYS dreamed of expressing or even identifying, but haven’t been able to.  


Visionary Transformational Artist and Guide

Val Cripps

Val Cripps is a visionary creative guide, leading the edge of cosmic awakening with DAILY writings, in person and vitual transformational offerings, art, music, toning, sound therapy, energy, and more. Every day is a fresh chance to create anew life as we DREAM and vision it in our hearts. This work is REAL and vastly powerful for high level humans ready to integrate their cosmic wisdom and highest being. __________________________________________________________

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