The Valtopia Epic Powerhouse Inner Circle  

We begin in San Diego (1/7-1/8/2019)

Two day intensive -  

Wild, Wealthy, Free. Beyond Bold to Bliss: Activating Your Soul Power  

Own your frequency!  

Reclaim your inner wild, inner child and integrate and embody like a BOSS in this two day self activation and awakening  

Own your shit like a boss and quit fucking around with your own BS - this is where we FACE the fear and find flow and bring it back to LIFE because we tucked in so deeply during these two days. You will NOT be the same person you walked in as when you left. We continue the support, integration and activation in the Epic Powerhouse Mastermind  




If only you could surrender  

even more deeply  


to your intuition,  

or to even begin  

to truly integrate  



of you and your gifts  

and everything you’ve been discovering about yourself.  



You've opened up so much  


Expanded beyond everything and everyone around you.  



You desire and choose to feel  

truly expanded  


about and connected to your  


  highest self.  


Your vision is  


and you are always  

open to an even more powerful  





into your highest self and being.  


You feel, know and answer  





If you don’t listen to your intuition and truly commit to your deepest level of immersion, embodiment, impact, expression and  

by choosing this brilliant and very special invitation  


you will miss this unique and inspired moment  


to answer your soul family call to  

join a movement of  


creative badass cosmic preneurs  


who own their frequencies and bring through the shift  

we all so desire in our lives to  


more ease, more flow, more connection, more creation, more cash, more compassion, more clarity, more cosmic badassery and visionary baller magic.  

Life is short and you’re the boss now of how you decide to be in each moment.  

The gap can feel overwhelmingly daunting or can trip you up as you go.  

SIGN UP FOR MEGA ENERGY MASTERY and don’t be left behind when the Valtopiasphere train of those who did light up and create from within  

EPIC style,  

receiving epic results in all areas of life.  

Facing the fear and finding the flow,  


time and again in a colorful, powerful, engaging and stimulating way.  

You’ll miss the 2019 one of a kind private Valtopia stream of visionary creative transformational art, inspired by YOU and our journey together.  

Epic, Iconic, a time gone by documented into what comes through for us.  

The guided audios, the toning, the sound baths, the music, the theme songs, the simple and hilarious cosmic updates, the in ya face, shift ya whole fuckin’ day card pulls, videos, beach streams, live concerts, in person retreats that will literally blow your mind open  

as well as realign, center and magic up your mojo full on  

- talk about a "rebirth!" -  

each and every moment wakes us up to more of who we are and together  

we WILL light up the cosmos in our  



Epic Powerhouse Inner Circle (Year Commitment Monthly Rate)

$3,333 1/2019 sign up TODAY!

$5,555 7/2019 

$8,888 1/2020

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What is included in the Inner Circle YEAR ACCESS

  • Access to all in person luxury events and retreats (travel/hotel not included)
  • one on one access with Val on voxer
  •  one on one access in 20 minute session as needed
  • Access to all online content 2019 is PACKED with streams and major GROWTH
  • One of a kind ENERGETIC support throughout membership
  • Monthly virtual LIVE HOT SEAT 


 Reboot and become the master of your wellbeing  

Check in with yourself and face what you side step  

Stay grounded into your flow  

BOOST your energy to what is high and resonant for you  

Allow yourself to relax and open up to creativity  

Discover, integrate and implement more of your natural gifts  

Bonus events that will blow your mind (literally rewiring your brain), reprogram your DNA,  

align and balance your energy centers, open your heart and clear free your throat chakra to speak and live your truth!  

REST and regenerate your cels,  

Reset your mind, body and soul and program yourself to upgrade to your highest SOUL led being.

Client Love

 "Abundance everywhere!!"  

"Since I've had my portrait activated by you, I've been non-stop busy!! Abundance everywhere!!  

I've been open to receive, and this is what has manifested. A new city with a huge apt to live, 2 high-end soul clients, a grant to finish my psychology degree and much more. Hey everyone! If you are on the fence about doing this~this is your sign." - Tami Vandrie

"Just potent divine power."  

"A massive deep bow to the artist and visionary healer Val Cripps for embodying my fierce LOVE and Priestess Power. I love your work and the divine artwork you created for me. WOW - what fun. Val is such a potent force for gloriousness.  

Just potent divine power." 

  - Ingrid Arna  

"2 clients signed up the next day."  

"My divine portrait from Val literally took my breath away!  

The energy that came through has allowed me to step into my roles as metaphysical teacher and divine frequency channel in a much bigger way!  

After I received my portrait, 2 clients signed up the next day to mentor with me.  

 Val Cripps has beautiful loving energy and her work has supercharged healing that will rock you right into divine alignment with your Soul!" 

- Jennifer Church  

YOU want desperately to  

* own your worth * Stand in your value * Commit and be certain * Become grounded and centered * Find your sass * Believe in your BOLD BADASS * Back yourself in all your divine disruption * Forget the how and find your flow * Be more YOU * Leave toxic energy drains behind * Feel attractive and Become super magnetic * Deepen your cosmic connection * Expand your spiritual gifts (seeing, hearing, knowing, feeling) * Learn simple techniques of energy mastery that are life changing and powerful * Receive fresh cosmic guidance as it flows through * Be supported and activated to your highest and most limitless creativity and vision  

 Right now you ARE READY to experience an even deeper level of SOLID, CERTAIN and CLEAR from your own soul guidance, your own knowing and intuition.  

You don’t ever want to be driven by fear again, and desire to stay in the flow of your heart and throat opening up to the world expressing all of your authentic divine wealth, health and freedom!  

You want to  


like the cosmic badass you truly are  

you want to SHINE and LIVE EPIC moments and really enjoy them and be present and powerful in your life.  

You want to SHOW UP FULLY and BE YOU without anxiety, questioning, and the RESISTANCE!  

You so deeply want to feel  


in your own soul guidance.  


You don’t ever want to be driven by fear again, and desire to stay in the flow of your heart and throat opening up to the world  

expressing all of your authentic divine wealth, health and freedom!  

You want to  


like the cosmic badass you truly are  

you want to SHINE and LIVE EPIC moments  

and really enjoy them and be present and powerful in your life.  

You want to  


without anxiety, questioning, and  




You have just poked your head up and out to a brand new layer of creation and being for you.  

It is miraculous and terrifying at the same time.  

You are thrilled but know you may be sabotaging your success with your old fears and confusion creeping back up on you.  

How did you get here?  

Is it a fluke?  

How can you leave behind so much of what you know, even after you’ve been through it  

over and over.  

How come you keep coming back to this place of  

self doubt and worry?  

You know wonderful techniques to stop this madness  

- you teach this for your tribe and clients!  


You need and have called in the  


This IS your invitation  

to finally breaking through to frequencies that allow you  

to embody the vibration of  

celebrity status, global impact, empire building massive wealth, health and freedom  


It is, after all, about your vibration and frequencies, and some of the most hidden programs are buried in our very DNA.  

That is why you invest in a cosmic activatrix to tune in with divine assistance and unlock our soul family codes  

that will allow you  

to release ancient history, to release childhood wounds, rewire funky programming that is no longer aligned  

and to truly  




of your epic vision.  


That is MY natural genius gift that is so FLOW for me.  


I went from living trapped in my own trauma, unhappy in a life that LOOKED GREAT on the outside, but I was sick and miserable on the inside.  

I'd "made" it as a Hollywood film FX artist and cracked six figures by the time I was in my early 30s, but I was in a very unhappy and unsafe for me marriage,  

my highly energized and cosmic kids needed me with them (not working hours and hours in production, sending them off to a nanny, only to find wages decreasing and work conditions worsening.)  

I was stuffing down all my emotions and sick inside My guts were always wrenched and my light almost went out.  

I was left on my own for four months and found MAGIC on the internet!  

I courageously invested in incredible healers, mentors and guides to help me!  

I woke up, got ahold of myself and faced my worst fears, AGAIN.  

I've achieved and traveled and accomplished since a young age. I was often isolated, ever tenacious and always following my dreams and passions and answering the call.  

But this time, I pushed through and higher than I ever have, and I have invested thousands of dollars to work with those who make millions SHINING THEIR LIGHT and calling others to their purpose.  

This work unfolds divinely how it is meant to for you, and from your uncertainty, you will know how  

to investigate your worst fears and doubt with expert multimillion dollar tools and cosmic wisdom that only YOU can access  

through the techniques you will unlock in our experience together.


Visionary Transformational Artist and Guide

Val Cripps

Val Cripps is a visionary creative guide, leading the edge of cosmic awakening with DAILY writings, in person and vitual transformational offerings, art, music, toning, sound therapy, energy, and more. Every day is a fresh chance to create anew life as we DREAM and vision it in our hearts. ________________________________________________________________

I am here to bring cosmic visionary creative soul fire and light eerthang UP 

to epic brilliance simply 

by being true to my soul calling and essence.

I ran to and from myself for years, and suffered deeply.  

I followed my heart and made it in the Hollywood Feature Film biz as a digital artist, but walked away 

to follow my TRUE calling and purpose 

 - to light up and awaken 

passion, purpose and prosperity 


my soul family.

I always believed in myself 


now that I’ve truly learned to back myself

I am devoted 

to Inspiring cosmic visionary creatives 

to light the fuck up and return to themselves,  

energetically opening up their throat and heart chakras 

and restoring full levels of self confidence and worthiness in their root  

and opening up third eye and crown by reflecting back to them their highest soul frequencies  

as I resonate with their darkness and rise it up 

WITH them  

simply by being my badass cosmic self  

who can feel, know and shift frequencies in my sleep  

and letting myself BE truly myself  

and expressing whatever comes through me 


guides us back 

to our own highest truths, and aligned integrity of living a full and epic experience of life.  

My heart was on lockdown, 

my throat was closed shut,  

I was barely in my body, 

I could barely feel myself or know what I even wanted, thought or felt emotionally.  


even though I am a very switched on person!  

My fears got the best of my faith

time and again, 

because I wanted to

please my family, please others, be a nice and good girl, and only rebel to the extent that it felt just beyond a limit  

that was still safe.  

I broke the rules when it came to following my career and coming out to Los Angeles by myself, even though I didn’t have a job, 

but I made it in and then got pulled into my career as an fx artist on major Hollywood films 

and into my marriage and family.  

I found myself lost, sick and barely present in my life at 45.  

I knew I wasn’t going down like that.  

I was not going to stay in a relationship that wouldn’t let me be the kind of mother, artist and visionary I truly know myself to be.  

It had no room for me to expand my wings as a spiritual revolutionary guide.  


I was not going to stay 

where I wouldn’t even be able to express my true political views, 

or not be the kind of mother I know myself to be,

  and not express myself like I do now.  

This was not just about expanding into my limitless self, 

though it is, 

but I have allowed myself to create a life 

where for the first time in my life, 

I feel more safe than ever, because I know I have my own back!  

I know that no matter what, I will have my own sense of 

wisdom, creativity and FLOW

 that allows me 

to truly be present in my life 


create prosperity and wellness for myself.  


in my clients, my community and in the cosmos!! 

Will you join the Valtopia Wakey Wave and follow your dreams and soul vision?

 Join us today 


commit to 


purpose and calling and