DIVINELY FREE and ABUNDANT! Awaken Deep Transformation Align and Anchor in Your Greatest Divine Vision and Presence  

Up until now, you have given so much energy to everything outside and around you, because that was the only way you knew how to feel yourself.  

As a highly sensitive and aware being, and having a presence and energy “larger than life”, you only knew yourself from the outside in.  

That was a way to keep the energy contained within the confines and constructs of your experience.  

And now you’re free. Or so you thought…  

You found a way to get beyond that box. And yet, the damn box is still with you, somewhere in your mind.  

A reflex you know so well, that you’re afraid deep down inside, to let go.  

Your mind is hanging onto old stories and programs that aren’t worthy of your time, that are sneakily making you feel unworthy...  

It comes in the little ways you attack yourself, ...or don’t take that step you need to move forward.  

If only you could wipe clean this old energy of doubt and inability, and get your confidence back.  

If only you would follow through on your grand ideas. If only you were unblocked:  

  • Financially 
  • Emotionally  
  • Energetically  

You know you have it in you, and it’s getting to the point where you really don’t have any other way but up,  

...if you choose to invest in your own strength and well being.  

Otherwise, you’re looking at another year of the same secret sabotage you’ve been slowly surrendering to over time.  

It is time to release the anger, illness, apathy, addiction, and depression  

...and rise up within yourself and give yourself full permission to feel, evolve and ascend into your own highest vibration, self resonance and prosperity.  

Now is your moment to: 

  • Be accountable and feel supported in your personal transformation and mindset shifts with divinely inspired Valtopia Portraits.  
  • See your very own multidimensional evolution in tangible form in a digital portrait that depicts your growth and change.
  • Release, relax, and uplift into the frequencies like the pro that you are deep inside.  
  • All the energy, soul awakening and truth of your deep commitment to your greatest alignment, clarity and self embodiment is visible in the before and after activating portraits.  

For a limited time you can choose from one of the following options:  

Package A

  • 12 deep and rapid shift - power hour intensive = regenerative and powerfully transformative sessions  

Identify your own resistance and hidden patterns Clear limiting beliefs and stuck energy Feel the buzz and clarity of your own magnetic and aligned vortex of creation Reboot and regenerate so you can truly move into your next phase with bold clarity, vision and strength Get a fresh sense of your own wisdom, worthiness and wealth so you can truly call in the purpose and prosperity you've chosen to come and be and create  

Clear hidden past life, inner child, life experience energies, "blocks", and come into a deep embodiment of yourself - your greatest level of YAS!

(one on one deep work to accelerate your focus, clarity and success to more clearly seeing, releasing and regenerating your own particular thought patterns, beliefs and actions into a place of self mastery and flow.)


Everything in package A  


Six digital portraits gorgeous and divinely channeled over 3 months  

Not only will these assist in awakening your vital life force energies, chakras and spiritual connection but they document and anchor in so much that comes through for you - the transformation is so deeply visible and grounded in! (includes two activating sessions at start and finish) 

BONUS REWARD for getting signed up RIGHT NOW:  

Weekly messenger check in (THIS IS SUCH GREAT SUPPORT) One on one messenger support to keep your magic mojo in the flow, magnetic vibes of gratitude, centered and grounded into energies of receiving. 

  This is your time to shine and see the results of the WERK, you goddess you!!  

This commitment holds you to your choices, your timelines, your creation…  

and inspires and illuminates you to your deepest reveals, releases and regenerations you intend.  

"Abundance everywhere!!"  

"Since I've had my portrait activated by you, I've been non-stop busy!! Abundance everywhere!! 

I've been open to receive, and this is what has manifested. A new city with a huge apt to live, 2 high-end soul clients, a grant to finish my psychology degree and much more. Hey everyone! If you are on the fence about doing this~this is your sign." - Tami Vandrie  

"Just potent divine power."  

"A massive deep bow to the artist and visionary healer Val Cripps for embodying my fierce LOVE and Priestess Power. I love your work and the divine artwork you created for me. WOW - what fun. Val is such a potent force for gloriousness. Just potent divine power." - Ingrid Arna  

  "2 clients signed up the next day."  

"My divine portrait from Val literally took my breath away! The energy that came through has allowed me to step into my roles as metaphysical teacher and divine frequency channel in a much bigger way!  

After I received my portrait, 2 clients signed up the next day to mentor with me. Val Cripps has beautiful loving energy and her work has supercharged healing that will rock you right into divine alignment with your Soul!" - Jennifer Church  

*Priestess Valtopia  

Set the deepest intentions with Priestess Valtopia, the Love Drop new moonergy and community energies.  

Watch the synchronicities unfold, the miraculous twists and turns as what you ask for, what you intend; what you deeply commit to energetically, spiritually, and physically, becomes your experience; 

 and you allow and settle into new levels of your big spirit and tremendous life force. You were meant for great expression...  

You were destined to to spread your gorgeous energy far and wide...  

...and if it isn’t yet, how you really know it could fully be is nothing to feel shame about; but only a great truth from which you can learn the depths of your own magic and share it.  

See the truth of your soul gifts Because you are more than worthy and deserving of your own prosperity.  

"Feels like I got some of my mojo back."  

"I'm sure you felt my deep sadness when we started the call but 3/4 of the way in, my entire head and neck were BUZZING...I can't even describe it any other way.  

I want to say that it felt like you re-aligned my cranial nerves and old thought patterns. I cried many tears of release last night, and this morning truly felt like a new day ... a good shift has been gratefully received! I even saw a rainbow over the nearly still full, setting moon while driving to work this morning! Beautiful sight I never experienced before ;) Feels like I got some of my mojo back." - Lena Nowmos 


"I'm feeling so much lighter and as if a massive weight has been lifted."  

"I just had a 20 minute session and wow so much energy shifted in that time.  

I started off feeling so angry and resentful and now well I have got a big smile on my face and still feeling the energy, feeling warm and tingly and totally at peace in my self, feeling so much lighter and as if a massive weight has been lifted.  

Thank you Val for your time and energy, you are amazing." -Su Davey  

  "I'm feeling bolder, more connected to my feminine rockstar mojo, and more confident that I CAN do and receive amazing things ... NOW."  

"I asked the amazing Val Cripps to guide me. She's a master energy shifter and supporter of expansion.  

And now, after working with her,I'm feeling bolder, more connected to my feminine rockstar mojo, and more confident that I CAN do and receive amazing things ... NOW.  

It's amazing how working with powerhouse leaders can shake shit up and explode your potential." -Sarah J