You've already done the work and now it's time.

This QUANTUM ALCHEMY is an experience that will revitalize your mind, body and being through energy alchemy, frequency healing, and ART.

It's time to INTEGRATE, EMBODY and feel the freedom of PLAYING with your creative gifts and expression.



Order Summary
Valtopia SOUL SELFIE BIZ Session

This session INITIATES the process to uplift and REGENERATE any inner roots that suppress or hinder your JOY OF BEING.

Whether you're breaking through to the next paradigm or you're just about to leap, quantum shift and allow more of your own DIVINE genius into your business THIS is a miraculous and deep journey that yields long lasting and infinite results!

In this powerful VIRTUAL session, you will shift into a fresh and empowering REBIRTH that allows you to become newly AWARE and stream through so much of your own brilliance!

This virtual energy reboot is a form of energy healing and transformation that implements a combination of the Valtopia healing modalities. This is a catapulting burst of awareness and energy you may have forgotten or never even have felt that shifts the way you move forward in your business in an expansive and hugely positive way.

More BEING. Less doing.

Hey! I get it! You are a busy creator with many different things happening.
This experience is rapid and powerful. The experience uplifts
aligned clients rapidly through virtual connection, powerful intention, ENERGY frequencies and natural and soulful healing modalities.


I work mostly with highly sensitive empathic ambitious and successful creative healers, mystics, oracles, artists, dancers, singers and those who alchemize through CREATIVITY and soulful methods of alchemy and have CHOSEN to live in purpose and invest in LIVING THEIR DREAM.

Shift your inner vibration through somatic awareness illuminated with the Valtopia method.
I've served hundreds of highly sensitive and creative entrepreneurs and the top three results of investing in this work with me are:



Clarity and awareness to self and to your own bliss



feels easier once your energetic attachment is released and regenerated



Results from feeling lit up and energized, clear and awake to fresh levels of SELF .

I feel like I've more tapped into soul priorities, like I can do it all!

- Britney Taylor

THIS experience is a starting point and beautiful portal into the Valtopiasphere and to deeper levels of your

SOUL SELFIE creative biz expansion.

- Britney Taylor

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